About us

Welcome to Investips.my!

We conceived this site in response to our inability to find a reliable source of free information on Malaysia’s smart investors’ portfolio. Malaysia public listed companies are required in their annual report to disclose their 30 largest shareholders. These shareholders can be mutual fund, banks, insurance companies, investment advisors and high net worth individuals.

Individual investors can take advantage of the research that has been done by institutional investors and high net worth individuals using the data disclosed in annual report. Both institutional investors and high net worth individuals have access to levels of investing talent and capital far beyond most individual investors.

The 30 largest shareholders information had been underappreciated by investors and can be a great way to find value and profit.

The key is to focus on funds that tend to hold securities long-term and have a higher concentration of high conviction picks. Funds who favor short-term trading or whose portfolio is so diversified that it basically follows the FBM100 will generally make poor candidates for copying.