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阿笔谈股系列40-浅谈AnnJoo (安袷)- 中国刺激经济计划

阿笔谈股系列40-浅谈AnnJoo (安袷)- 中国刺激经济计划

This article first appeared in Blog on Nov 25, 2020.

AnnJoo主要生产钢铁(billets, bars to wire rods).

Anti-dumping duties on imports of rebar originating in Singapore and turkey for a period of 5 years from 22/1/2020 to 21/1/2025.

B.I.G Industries Berhad, Annual Report 2020, page 39




12th Malaysia Plan (12MP)预计在2021年初公布,希望大型计划如Bandar Malaysia, KL-Singapore High Speed Rail(HSR), Penang Transport Master Plan等有好消息。


Oversupply situation in Malaysia steel industry. Total steel consumption in 2018 was only 9.77 million tonnes, compared to the total installed capacity of 24.64 million tonnes.

AnnJoo RM0.74/share, 市值RM414M,  P/E negative, P/B 0.35, Book value: RM2.08

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